I'm a freelance artist who works mainly in the fantasy and sci-fi genres, focusing on character art (along with the occasional penguin.) I've been drawing in some form or another for most of my life, but shifted my focus to digital art roughly back in 2004. I enjoy making both serious and silly art and have a growing hatred of drawing clothing.

My art program of choice is Corel Painter. For most work prior to 2006, I used Jasc Paint Shop Pro. I also sketch a lot with pencil, but disembodied torsos and hands aren't terribly exciting so I won't bore anyone with pencil types.

Work History

Some of the companies or organizations I have worked with:

  • City of Doors Initiative, "Survivor" premium module for Neverwinter Nights
  • Code Collective, The Far Wilds
  • LightCon, Topia World TCG
  • Guter Punkt GmbH & Co. KG, Jay Lake German translation book covers 1 and 2
  • Sypher Art Studios, Labyrinth of Jareth and other events
  • SPJA, Anime Expo and Anime Conji
  • Fantasy Flight Games, Battlelore Expansion and other work

Beyond that, I have worked with many other individual and professional clients, on projects ranging from personal character illustrations to book covers and promotional event artwork.


Status: I'm currently not taking commissions.

For most personal commissions the following terms and conditions apply, unless we agree otherwise in our correspondence:

  • 1. Subject/Style: What you see in my gallery is what I draw most often in terms of subject-matter and style. I generally don't have restrictions on content, although don't typically do R18 work. Doesn't hurt to ask though, I don't judge! If you want a particular look (i.e. cartoonish or realistic) be sure to mention it, otherwise I'll go with what I feel suits the image's mood best.

  • 2. Mediums: I work digitally, using Corel Painter. I do some sketchwork in pencil, but I have not typically offered those as commissions. If that's something you're interested in, however, feel free to ask.

  • 3. Information: Please provide as much information as possible to clearly indicate the image you would like, preferably character references, setting, similar images, any character or image backstory you might have, or any other information that you feel is important to the image. For anything else I will go with my own interpretation.

  • 4. Process: I typically offer to sketch a few simple initial variations of a project. After deciding which rough sketch to continue working on, I will send additional work-in-progress images for feedback as needed. I will try and complete the image in a reasonable amount of time, however keep in mind that I may have other obligations and ongoing work, so I may not be able to complete your project immediately, especially if it is a complicated piece. Please state a deadline if it must be done by a certain date.

  • 6. Payment: Payment can be made through Paypal or Venmo with the following terms: 50% of our agreed-upon payment up-front once you have chosen a sketch and I've begun working on the image in earnest, and the remaining 50% after I've completed it to your satisfaction. If an image requires a large amount of revisions additional costs may apply, however I will be sure to be upfront if this is a possibility. If you can't use Paypal or Venmo, another method can be worked out; the same conditions apply however.

  • 6. Delivery: Once completed the image will be delivered to you as a hi-resolution lossless image file, suitable for personal printing or other non-commercial use. This file is typically 300DPI or higher (please specifiy a specific image size if required.) If you would like prints of the image from me, I can provide them at small additional fee, through a high-quality print service. You will have to provide an appropriate address to mail to.

  • 7. Rights: All publishing rights are reserved by myself unless otherwise specified. If the artwork is of personal characters or settings you have created, this doesn't mean I own your characters or ideas, it just means that I reserve the right to use the final image on personal or public website(s), my portfolio, to showcase in print (e.g. artbooks or magazines) or other types of self-promotion. If you require complete usage, publishing and printing rights, please mention, as it will affect the price. All rights agreements will be sent and signed via Echosign.

  • 8. Guarantees: As much as I would love to take on every project, I reserve the right to refuse things that don't interest me, that I don't have time for, or that I feel like I'd simply not be very good at.

Pricing and Examples

Bear in mind that these prices may go up or down depending on what your project entails.

Full Characters: Full character illustrations with a complete background and one main figure may range from $300-400 USD. Extra figures and major features may run from $50-150 USD extra depending on complexity. Price for images with no background, less details, different composition or style, etc. might be substantially lower than the baseline.

Portraits and Busts: Portrait and bust paintings with a basic background may range from $50-250 USD, depending on complexity, style, and how much of a role the background plays in the image. Extra figures and major features may run from $50-150 USD.

Misc. Work: Anything else that doesn't fall under the above categories, please inquire and I'll evaluate the price for you.

If you're interested and my commissions are open, please feel free to send me a mail, or to contact me through another website.